Plumbing Repair

Water leaks can cause harmful and expensive damages to your home or property, which is why timely a plumbing repair is needed to save your home and wallet. Don’t try any plumbing repairs by yourself. Instead call a trusted plumbing company like Sylvester Sartin Sewer Works to fix your leaks and damage.

Let our certified plumber help with all of your plumbing services. When it comes to drain cleaning, it does not matter how big your clog or backup is. If it’s water heater repairs you need, we can put an end to all cold and uncomfortable showers experienced by everyone under your roof and get your hot water flowing in no time.

Searching for answers to your plumbing woes online is great and everyone should do their due diligence before hiring a plumbing contractor. The residents of Wilkes-Barre, PA trust us to provide any plumbing repair and useful tips on how to prevent future leaks. Please call (570) 497-1821 for more information on how we can help you.